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Imagine if you came to my blog and it would load all unread articles. New readers would get a list of 1000+ posts. You would then need to hide each post, one by one.

It would be annoying, wouldn’t it?

Likewise, I am seriously getting annoyed at email and RSS clients. I need a very simple function: if I have not read an email or a RSS post in x days, please take it off from my inbox. Move it into an auto-archive box.

I find it stressful to see all these emails waiting for me! Yes, I know about Inbox Zero, but I get so many emails that just archiving them manually takes too long!

One thought on “Please auto-hide content”

  1. Strange; I find I have the opposite problem. I would prefer unread posts to be marked as such forever, but Google reader marks them read after 30 days.

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