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Data indexing, software performance, SIMD, performance optimization, vectorization.

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Daniel Lemire is a full professor in computer science at the University of Quebec (TELUQ). His research is focused on data indexing techniques. For example, he worked on bitmap indexes, column-oriented databases and integer compression. He is also interested in database design and probabilistic algorithms (e.g., universal hashing). His work on bitmap indexes is used by companies such as eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook and Netflix in their data warehousing, within big-data platforms such as Apache Hive, Druid, Apache Spark, Netflix Atlas, LinkedIn Pinot and Apache Kylin. The version control system Git is also accelerated by the same compressed bitmaps. Some of his techniques were adopted by Apache Lucene, the search engine behind sites such as Wikipedia or platforms such as Solr and Elastic. One of his hashing techniques has been adopted by Google TensorFlow. His Slope One recommender algorithm is a standard reference in the field of recommender systems. He is a beneficiary of the Google Open Source Peer Bonus Program. He has written over 50 peer-reviewed publications, including more than 30 journal articles. He has held competitive research grants for the last 15 years. He serves on the program committees of leading computer science conferences (e.g., ACM CIKM, WWW, ACM WSDM, ACM SIGIR, ACM RecSys).


Daniel Lemire, professor LICEF Research Center, TELUQ Université du Québec 5800 Saint-Denis Office 1105 Montreal (Quebec) H2S 3L5 Canada
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Room 12.166, Email : lemire (at) gmail (dot) com

When visiting, come by the eleventh floor, take the stairs and find my office on the twelfth floor near the LICEF Research Center.

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