Recent Publications

You can find my work on arXiv, on Google Scholar, on DBLP, on the ACM Portal, on R Libre and elsewhere.

  • Consistently faster and smaller compressed bitmaps with Roaring
    Software: Practice and Experience Volume 46, Issue 11, pages 1547-1569, November 2016

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  • SIMD Compression and the Intersection of Sorted Integers
    Software: Practice and Experience 46 (6), 2016

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  • Decoding billions of integers per second through vectorization
    Software: Practice & Experience 45 (1), 2015

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  • Measuring academic influence: Not all citations are equal
    Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 66 (2), 2015

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  • Sorting improves word-aligned bitmap indexes
    Data & Knowledge Engineering 69 (1), 2010

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  • Faster retrieval with a two-pass dynamic-time-warping lower bound
    Pattern recognition 42 (9), 2009

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  • Tag-Cloud Drawing: Algorithms for Cloud Visualization
    Tagging and Metadata for Social Information Organization (WWW 2007)

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  • Slope One Predictors for Online Rating-Based Collaborative Filtering
    In SIAM Data Mining (SDM 2005), Newport Beach, California, April 21-23, 2005

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Roaring Bitmaps

Fast compressed bitmaps, widely used. (picture: Edge Earth)


I supervise graduate students at TÉLUQ et at UQAM. I also co-supervise students the University of New Brunswick, at the École Polytechnique and at Concordia University.

Recent graduates:

  • Shany Carle (M.Sc., 2017);
  • Joseph Tumusenge (M.Sc., 2016);
  • Samy Chambi (Ph.D., 2016, with Robert Godin);
  • Jing Li (Ph.D., 2016, with Yuhong Yan);
  • Claude Corriolan (M.Sc., 2016);
  • Hazel Webb (Ph.D., 2010, with Owen Kaser).

I’m recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows for my lab. If you love writing crazily fast software and want to come to Montreal, drop me a line. Link to an impressive GitHub profile is an asset.