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I co-supervise students at the University of New Brunswick in the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in Computer Science. With professor Yuhong Yan, I also supervise students at Concordia University in Montreal. I supervise students in the M.Sc. in Information Technology offered at TELUQ (in French only). I supervise graduate students at UQAM in the Computer Science and Cognitive Computer Science Ph.D. programs (in French).

Current post-doctoral fellows and graduate students

Current M.Sc. students

Current Ph.D. students

Recent graduates


If you require funding as my graduate student, I require that you make every effort to apply for external sources of support.

If you are not Canadian, please see Quebec's Merit Scholarship program for foreign students. There are specific scholarships for students from some countries like India or China. This competition is open every year. It includes scholarships for 4-month stays as well as post-doctoral fellowships.

If you are Canadian, there are numerous funding opportunities:

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