Received a Gmail account through Sean

Sean was cool enough to invite me to join Gmail. Gmail is the Google free email service where you have almost unlimited storage (1GB to be precise) and various cool Google tools to search your emails.

I’m not convinced I’ll use it very much, but it is cool to have it. My address is lemire atsymbol gmail dotted com.

Thanks Sean!

Update: Several weeks later, I’ve switched over completly and I’m now using Gmail exclusively.

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Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

2 thoughts on “Received a Gmail account through Sean”

  1. hi
    my name is nedelcu marius and i am from romania
    I would licke to ask you hou to register in google
    I thinck i need an invitation or something licke that.
    please help me to get this mail because i reaky need it
    i realy apreciate your help.

  2. hello,
    Hi,nice to meet u mister
    i’m from malaysia..
    i would like to know more about how to sign-up with gmail account since i do have problems in getting them?
    hope n trust that i could get some hand from you.
    thank you very much for your attention.


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