If you haven’t switched to Firefly, do it now.

I’ve finally moved all my machines to Mozilla Firefox 1.0. It is, by far, the best browser I ever used, and it is totally, truely free. Unfortunately, the French version is lagging behind a bit. Unless you are running something else than Windows, Linux, or MacOS, you have no excuse to use another browser. None.

Update: Sean asks why I switched away from Konqueror. The main reasons are XML support and Gmail. Gmail doesn’t support konqueror for some reason, and I badly need a browser having decent support for XSLT. Also, there is a comment below saying that Firefox is not stable on OS X 10.2.

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Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

3 thoughts on “If you haven’t switched to Firefly, do it now.”

  1. So what made you switch from Konqueror???? I myself use Safari as my main browser mainly because it is much faster than Firefox, and makes pages look much nicer for some reason…

  2. Sad to say that Firefox is not stable on OS X 10.2 — I got quite a few crashes and hangs, and GIFs were rendering as a big smeared-out mess. I’m sad about that because I was also blown away it. It is a fantastic piece of software.

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