3 thoughts on “SOAP Problems”

  1. I do not care these comments. SOAP is the standard of W3C, and OASIS (included in OASIS ebXML standard). SOAP is an e-business standard for services. You need to have ways to encode the objects in xml. If people say this to SOAP, they dislike CORBA too. They can claim that all these standards are failure. But people just use it. Only messages are not enough for distributed applications.

  2. Well, CORBA was, by all accounts, a failure. So saying that SOAP is like CORBA isn’t a very good point.

    But the fact that CORBA was a failure doesn’t imply SOAP is a failure… however, I say and I repeat that I don’t get it. It seems excessively verbose (or maybe the SOAP code I saw was bad code) and hard to debug. Before I buy into something, I need a concrete example and I haven’t seen a nice example of a SOAP application where something simpler wouldn’t do.

    That’s the big thing: use complex ideas if you want, but people might choose the easy route… so you have to make sure that the complexity is worth it and that you can prove to people that it is worth it.

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