The Medici Effect

Harold talks about the The Medici Effect:

Johansson tells you to look for reversals which may give you insights into new ways of doing things. He uses a restaurant as an example, saying that the assumption is that restaurants have menus, but the reversal would be a restaurant without a menu. This would be one where, “The chef informs each customer what he bought that day … the diner selects the desired food items and the chef creates a dish from them, specifically for each customer.”

I never tried this reversal approach, but it appears interesting. Maybe I do it without realizing it… I’ll experiment!

He also says to work on a problem, let it go, then come back to it. Well, I’m an expert at this approach, except that sometimes, I never come back… 😉

Daniel Lemire, "The Medici Effect," in Daniel Lemire's blog, January 9, 2005.

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