My experience so far with Google ads

This is depressing. My blog gets millions of page loads per day (not really). So, being greedy (not really), I decided to put some ads on it. Hence, I put some Google ads following Yuhong’s foot steps. Well, so far, not a single click. Not one of you guys clicked on one of the ads.

I never thought I would make any money, but I still expected a few clicks a week.

To be fair, I think these ads are fairly useless. Right now, I see ads about blogging software. Maybe I write too much about blogging?

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Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

3 thoughts on “My experience so far with Google ads”

  1. I did think about this factor, and I’m sure it has a big impact.

    Well, no matter, I wasn’t planning or even hoping to make money.

  2. you write about blogging virtually at all and the ads will appear on that topic.

    Blogs that have highly targeted niche topics and loads of traffic can do very well with Adsense but for ‘general’ or ‘multi’ topical blogs it doesn’t usually do too well unless you get a hell of a lot of traffic.

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