Robert Paterson’s Weblog: Going Home – Our Reformation

From Downes’, I got to Going Home, an incredible blog post, read this extract:

I believe that Blogging, and its wider family of Social Software tools, will not only affect education but will shake our entire society to the core. I believe that our descendants will look back at its arrival the same way that we now look back at the advent of the printing press.

And see how you can relate it to this other extract:

Imagine, it is midnight and you have won your seat in Parliament. Everyone around you is jubilant. But you are depressed. You went into politics to make a difference. You thought that it would be all about the issues. But to win, you had to become a spin expert like all the others. Worse, you know now that you are good at it.

Or this one:

Imagine you are in hospice in Charlottetown. You are scared. You look back at your life. You did all that was expected of you. You have been a pretty good husband and dad. You had the career that your father so wanted you to have. You did him proud, ending up a senior executive of a bank. But you are so sad. You are so sad. You always loved working with wood. After you retired, you discovered that you were a cabinetmaker. And what about Jean? She was your great love but you chose duty instead and backed away. Who have you betrayed the most? You lived all those other people’s plans for your life and you have missed your own.

Daniel Lemire, "Robert Paterson’s Weblog: Going Home – Our Reformation," in Daniel Lemire's blog, February 28, 2005.

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