Real knowledge management

Sean McGrath (the Propylon guy, not the New Brunswick fellow I worked with) has a nice quote about knowledge management:

Blogs and WIKIs are real knowledge management at work. Add in a change-control repository with sane URLs (like CVS with ViewCVS or Subversion for the new generation). Then add a mailling list manager with sane URLs like GNU Mailman…What have you got? A powerful set of tools for knowledge management, collaboration and information integration that use URIs the way the Gods intended – persistent, semantic identifiers of resources.

The key thing here is that we already have excellent solutions around… so if you work in knowledge management and are blind to blogs and wikis, you are lost to me. CVS is also underutilized. It is amazing how many knowledge management researchers have never heard of CVS and are constantly reinventing the idea behind it and the implementation.

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