Searching for Intelligence in Edinburgh

The Register mentions the IJCAI’05 conference where we happen to have a paper.

Last week the top researchers in Artificial Intelligence (AI) gathered in Edinburgh to analyse the state of their subject. The topics under discussion ranged from robotic exoskeletons, to what tool-using crows can teach us about our own brains. Impressive results were reported in several fields, with previously intractable problems dropping like flies. Yet true machine intelligence seems as much of a dream as ever.

Over a thousand scientists came from around the world to attend the prestigious week-long International Joint Conference in AI (IJCAI). They were an eclectic mix of computer scientists, mathematicians, and psychologists, plus a few philosophers. Also in attendance were a pair of Sony’s latest robots, the amazingly cute QRIOs.

The interesting bit is “true machine intelligence seems as much of a dream as ever”. A dream? True machine intelligence would be a nightmare, I’m afraid. Never heard of the singularity? Or just, haven’t you watched the Terminator?

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