SIGMOD 2006 (November 17, 2005 / June 27-29, 2006)

The SIGMOD call for papers is out. It will be held in Chicago (cool!).

The annual ACM SIGMOD conference is a leading international forum for database researchers, developers, and users to explore cutting-edge ideas and results, and to exchange techniques, tools, and experiences. We invite the submission of original research contributions as well as proposals for demonstrations, tutorials, industrial presentations, and panels. We encourage submissions relating to all aspects of data management defined broadly and particularly encourage work that represent deep technical insights or present new abstractions and novel approaches to problems of significance. We especially welcome submissions that help identify and solve data management systems issues by leveraging knowledge of applications and related areas, such as information retrieval and search, operating systems & storage technologies, and web services.

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Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

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