Antioxidant Values in Fruits And Vegetables

Antioxidant Values in Fruits And Vegetables (ORAC units per 100 grams):


Prunes — 5570
Raisins — 2830
Blueberries — 2400
Blackberries — 2036
Strawberries — 1540
Raspberries — 1220
Plums — 949
Oranges — 750
Red grapes — 739
Cherries — 670
Kiwi fruit — 602
Grapefruit, pink — 483


Kale — 11770
Spinach — 11260
Brussels sprout — 1980
Alfalfa sprouts — 1930
Broccoli Flowers — 1890
Beets — 1840
Red bell pepper — 1710
Onion — 1450
Corn — 1400
Eggplant — 1390

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2 thoughts on “Antioxidant Values in Fruits And Vegetables”

  1. Except few fruits most of the fruits are good soure of antioxidant. For some fruits it differs based on variety too. pomegrante, and india jamun fruit, berries, are good source of antioxidant. antioxidant and dietary fiber rich food will keep you healthy and young.


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