27 thoughts on “Strange KDE bug: can’t resize or move windows”

  1. i get the same problem from time to time and its very annoying

    killall kwin returned no processes killed

    kwrapper kwin -replace worked!!!


  2. I ran into the same problem today. killall kwin reported no processes running. I tried just running kwin, and voila!… my windows now have handles and headers, and are mobile once again. kwin running in a terminal though is not useful.

    Once I rebooted, things began to work again, so I believe that my issue was transient.

  3. Same. I could move tabs around within Chrome, but all the windows were locked down and immobile. I wish I knew what triggered this condition.

    1. I just confirmed that the problem is still present and the above fix (updated from the previous msg) still works! Actually I’m very glad to find this fix, I’ve been dealing with this problem for a while now.

  4. man i am so tired of this sh*T..

    i’ve noticed this twice now!!!
    >after updates
    >after enable/disable kwallet…

    can someone please tell me what is the use of kwallet?
    surely if someone wanted that kind of security they can take 5min to download it…

    please, for the LOVE OF GOD… please stop trying to go the windows10 way… at the moment i am bouncing between kde and xfce, my right click does not even work… sigh,

    kde went down the sh*th0le

  5. The above solution only worked for me until changed desktops.

    I ran ‘kwrapper5 kwin –replace &’ and could move windows again. Then switched to desktop 2 and I coulldn’t move windows. Switched back to desktop 1 and still couldn’t move windows.

    Repeating the process repeated these symptoms. 🙁

  6. Hi, I am using KDE in debian stretch and encoutered this issue after waking up my laptop from sleep this morning.

    After curing it with kwin restart, I managed to reproduce the behaviour after either switching workspace or moving a window to another workspace using keyboard shortcuts. The same happens if I move a window between monitors using keyboard shortcut. If I switch workspaces with mouse (using Workspace switcher panel widget) or move the window to other monitor or workspace using window bar context menu commands everything works as expected.

    I also encounter a strange issue with command run dialog not getting focus after being invoked with Alt+F2. Definitively something is not right with either keyboard or KWin that persists the KWin restarts…

    1. During the course of time I have found out that the problem becomes incurable after around 49 days of uptime. After this amount of time every desktop switch causes the KWin to crash and it lasts only until the next desktop switch to crash after KWin restart.

      Maybe it helps someone to identify the root cause of this bug, that is causing our workstations to be restarted every around 7 weeks 🙁

  7. For me, the solution was ‘kwrapper5 kwin_x11 –replace &’
    In case this ends up looking the same as several other posts, there are 2* hyphens in front of ‘replace’!

    1. When I run that it gives me an error “KInit could not launch kwin_xll”

      Do you know how to fix this?


  8. The problem started occuring on my computer after messing up an installation of i3 and kde on arch. (I gave up to stay on plasma)
    Only thing is I have to repeat those commands everytime I boot. Does anyone know where the script that is causing this could be?

  9. I thank you for this fix. It’s been eating me alive. All windows would loose menubar and resize ability whenever I logged in for the 2nd time into same session.

    This in on KDE 5.8.6 Debian stretch 9.9 and I suspect it’s due to either dist-upgrade from older KDE/Debian or me messing up the themes somehow.

  10. Working for me in 2020, although closing a terminal window breaks kwin again. I also encountered the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR when I tried to re-run on a new terminal window.

  11. not sure what worked but one of the things worked. all the screens went crazy for a few mins before it started working

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