My most commented posts so far

Following on my earlier post about wordpress statistics, I decided to pull out my most frequently commented posts:

select count(comment_id) as cnt,post_title,guid
from wp_posts, wp_comments
where comment_post_id=id
group by post_title having cnt>12 order by cnt desc;

post number of comments
Winfixer got to me, but I had the last word 26
An Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4.0 application in just a few lines 24
How Technology Will Destroy Schools 22
Programming and college CS education 22
Are you an IT-empower worker or an old school worker? 21
Death of the invisible adjunct 18
Implementing a Rating-Based Item-to-Item Recommender System in PHP/SQL 16
Will there be universities in 20 years? 15
Slope One Predictors for Online Rating-Based Collaborative Filtering (SDM’05 / April 20-23th 2005) 14
What constitutes research blogging? 14
Sébastien Paquet on blogs and wikis 12
What will be the next Web? A prediction 12
Current state of affairs in the XML world (according to me) 12
Managing stress: I want to live past 50 12
What would you put in a Computer Science Curriculum? 12

It seems that often commented posts fall in one of these categories:

  • offer some help regarding a very common technical problem (winfixer);
  • have a controversial title/content;
  • present or discuss a definition (blogging/CS education/…);
  • present recent research results people can possibly use right away (collaborative filtering).

Topics that are especially popular seem to be:

  • what are universities doing, what should they teach and how should they teach it?;
  • useful, nice and simple programming tricks;
  • how can I use social software (blogging) to get ahead?

I should point out that my goal is not to get more comments. I don’t write this blog to get comments, though please, do comment away!

Daniel Lemire, "My most commented posts so far," in Daniel Lemire's blog, January 2, 2006.

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Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

One thought on “My most commented posts so far”

  1. I mistyped the captcha and lost my comment.

    In brief, a good title will draw people in, an article that is not over-long will hold their attention and invite engagement through comments, a definition will stand out on search engine results.

    Number of comments seems a good index of which posts are most worth reading: I’ll do just that to a couple more now!

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