Asian Universities are beginning to dominate

Asian Universities are beginning to dominate the Top Institutions portion of the Top Scholars and Institutions survey conducted and published by the Journal of Systems and Software each year in October. In the latest survey findings, published in October 2005, among the leading institutions of the world based on counting the number of software engineering research publications emerging from them, three of the top five institutions are Asian. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is number one, National Chiao Tung University of China is number two, and Seoul National University of Korea is number 4. The non-Asian institutions in the top five are Carnegie Mellon University (including its Software Engineering Institute), at number three; and Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, at number five. What is striking about this particular fact is that as recently as three years ago, in earlier such survey findings, Asian schools were only marginally represented in the top 10, and the top institutions were clearly North American.

Source: Robert L. Glass, Practical programmer: Is the crouching tiger a threat?, Communications of the ACM, Volume 49, Number 3 (2006), Pages 19-20.

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Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the Université du Québec (TELUQ).

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