Open-Source MOLAP with PHP and Linux

There is a now an online demo of the open souce MOLAP engine Palo running a PHP application on a Linux-based Palo Server. The application is somewhat limited, but it is a proof-of-concept. This is a very small step for open source Business Intelligence, but a step forward nonetheless.

(Our very own Lemur OLAP once had an online demo in Python, but it has since died.).

2 thoughts on “Open-Source MOLAP with PHP and Linux”

  1. Hi! I’m just starting to learn about Linux. I’m researching the compatibilty of my hardware right now. I heard Red Hat was good for beginners so I’m looking on their website. Just a couple questions..

    1. I’m not finding anything about HD’s. Are they all supported then?

    2. I did see some compatible motherboards.. Does that mean that certain motherboards aren’t going to work?

    3. What ways (short of writing my own drivers) are available to work around incompatibilites with a particular Linux distribution? In other words, can you download drivers etc or is it not that simple?

    4. I want to put it on its own excusive HD, and sometime after Christmas build a whole new computer for it from scratch. Am I going to have a lot of trouble with newer motherboards?(533MHz/Rambus/ATA 133)


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