Harold and RuleML

Harold Boley was over in Montreal yesterday. He gave a talk on RuleML. The big news, to me, is that RuleML has been modularized into sublanguages. Of particular interest to me was their DataLog sublanguage (and they have a tutorial about it). To be honest, I didn’t even know what “DataLog” meant before this talk. Guy stopped by as well as many interesting people including François Magnan and Olga.

Now, someone should go out and implement a nice DataLog-RuleML engine on top of MySQL.

We also talked about Web Services, Logic and so on. Finally, we agreed to start a network of researchers making their publication lists available as XML (I have been doing so for a long time).

Finally, we stopped by Idialia to see the lovely Anna and her office. It seems like Idilia now has a white paper out, but I can’t seem to navigate their web site.

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