IRMA 2007 – Data Warehousing and Mining track (October 1, 2006 / May 19-23, 2007)

The IRMA 2007 International Conference has a Data Warehousing and Mining track organized by Andrew Kusiak and Qiang Zhu. The conference will be held in Vancouver.

A key to success for enterprises in today’s competitive markets is their ability to manage the staggering volumes and complexity of data from various sources in an efficient and economic manner. Data warehousing and mining have become prevailing technologies for data analysis, knowledge extraction and decision support in modern enterprises and organizations. The emergence of vast applications and other related software/hardware technologies continues to raise challenges (e.g., demand for real-time, active, mobile, parallel, distributed, secure, and spatio-temporal characteristics) for data warehousing and mining. The objective of this track is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to disseminate and exchange ideas on both the technical and managerial issues associated with data warehousing and mining.

Papers on pretty much every related topics are invited.

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