Better email notifications in subversion

Subversion is a great version control tool, but the scripts that accompany it are still immature. One of them, is particularly bad. It goes on and on for hundreds of lines, and the end result is very poor usability. Earlier tonight, I found a better solution on the Web with color and all, then I fixed it. But I can’t figure out who I stole this from. In any case, here is my fixed commit-email.rb (run gunzip on it first). You may have to change the first line. To activate the script, edit the post-commit file of you repository (or create it from post-commit.tmpl) and make sure you have the following:

./commit-email.rb "$REPOS" "$REV"

where “commit-email.rb” is located in the same directory as “post-commit”.

Published by

Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

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