Java 6.0 is out

The new Java is out! Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that this is a minor release. Performance has improved, and that is always good, but I could not find any new feature to get me excited. Of course, speed, in itself, is a good feature!

Well, there is one minor feature which might be useful for teaching and in some context: you have the necessary classes to setup a small HTTP server.

2 thoughts on “Java 6.0 is out”

  1. Speed is a great feature. In fact I’d skipped 1.5, but I immediately downloaded 1.6 as soon as I heard faster. I wish more releases had only 2 features: faster and smaller.

  2. I browsed it rapidly, and you seem right Danniel, it does not seem like a major upgrade, except maybe for speed (although we should run a comparison). The major upgrade was version 5, they really upgrade the language in 5.

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