Technorati: Only 45 People

Technorati is one of the few long standing Internet companies to be in the search business and to stand tall in front of Google and Yahoo. And there are only 45 of them. That is not exactly a basement operation, but given how well established the company is, that is a very small number.

What does it say about the future of Information Technology? Are all the mail servers in the world be run by 30 people one day?

Published by

Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

One thought on “Technorati: Only 45 People”

  1. I would say more. In a (not so unlikely) future, we could have all our mail server and web server run by one corporation.
    Just imagine if tomorrow Google will say: “we can host your web site for free, and you can register a URL with us for free as well”. Basically a lot of people will say “why not? Better reliability, no more time in administering machines, forever backups, fast web site, …”. And then all Web sites will be hosted on Google machines, so there will be just one, big, global Web server. Technically they are already able to do it.
    The same argument applies for emails of course.
    This is a scary (but not too impossible) future.

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