Anyone has a Nokia Tablet PC?

I am thinking about buying a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC. This seems like a cool replacement for my Palm m505. There is just a huge number of free applications for it. There are a few gotchas, no doubt, but I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who owns such a device?

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Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

4 thoughts on “Anyone has a Nokia Tablet PC?”

  1. I’m not a fan. I’ve owned a Handspring and a number of Palm devices, and they all ran faster and had better GTD applications.

    That said, I have an iPhone now, and if you’re going to give up the Palm, you might as well go all the way.

    The N800 has the usability of X11R6 ten years ago.


  2. I use my N800 for:

    – reading PDFs and HTML pages (offline)
    – reading videos and listening to some music
    – web browsing on the move (when wifi is around, I tested bluetooth phone GPRS once and it worked)
    – VOIP with SIP provided by my french ISP (works fine with gizmo).
    – bluetooth GPS + maemo mapper + downloaded google maps to move around
    – minimal note taking
    – recording audio (works surprisingly well)
    – some time wasting games

    My PIM is rsync over openvpn/ssh and text files so I’m obviously not a reference here :).

    Overall latency/speed in most apps, especially the web browsers (opera and MicroB) is really bad but sofware (including core firmware provided by Nokia) seem to be improving with time.

    PS: as usual with gadgets, I expect after N770 and N800 there will be a new hardware model sooner or later.

  3. palm has to offer the life drive a year ago but it seems that they had too much problem with that. Give up with palm , man, there s a lot mobile device that can deliver lot more service (like my old axim x50v ). Search on ebay even, since it seems that new pda development do not deserve for major companies their full attention (unless you re ready for phone bill with with iphone and other similar phone device).

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