Even a tiny amount of beer makes you less productive?

According to an article in the New York Times, drinking beer is correlated negatively with scientific productivity. What is surprising is that even small quantities of beer are correlated with decreases in productivity.

But correlation is not causality. They have not shown that drinking beer makes you less productive. They have shown that people drinking beer are less productive. (It is not the same!)

Source: Scott Flinn.

5 thoughts on “Even a tiny amount of beer makes you less productive?”

  1. The research follows my own experience. Beer is not good for science, mainly after 9pm. It just makes you sleepy. However, I found doses of Whiskey or Grappa, to be much more useful to a scientist.

  2. I have managed to reproduce these results outside of the lab. The real achievement here was getting funding, since I’ve always had to self-fund my own projects in this area.

  3. It think it depends what you are trying to be productive at. When trying to enter a hyper creative state or solve a tough problem, a doze of beer can relax and really help the creative juices. I have found drambuie to also be effective. Getting on a treadmill or going for a run also works … but not so well after a beer šŸ™‚

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