My spam filter is asocial

I am deeply dissatisfied with Google Mail spam filter. I get 4 or 5 false positives per week, at least 2 of them are critical. It might be the best spam filter in the world, but it does not listen to me. It keeps on marking off as spam perfectly legitimate emails, written in French, from I have no way to “talk some sense into it.” It is totally asocial.

4 thoughts on “My spam filter is asocial”

  1. Thanks Sérgio, but am I going to white list every single student and every single employee of my school?

    I work in a very large school. There are always new students.

  2. You can set up filters, but I suspect they operate post, rather than pre spam filtering. Definitely a case where Gmail opted for simplicity over offering control, and I share your frustration. Spam is sufficiently subjective to call for a user-controlled configuration.

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