From freedom to intelligence

If you want to be smart, you must first learn to be free. Build low energy systems. Lean and mean machines.

To explain why freedom leads to better result, we had Adam Smith—yes, I took economics once—who used a crude model to justify the use of free markets (an innovation at the time). But it takes time and patience to convince us that thriving for more freedom is necessary. Certainly, intelligence is fuzzier than we tend to believe.

Fear is freedom’s worst enemy. Fear destroys freedom and ultimately, intelligence. In turn, this is why leaderless organizations are thriving. The leaders are not the trouble, the loss of freedom is.

Published by

Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

One thought on “From freedom to intelligence”

  1. At first glance I misread the title as : “Freedom from intelligence”.
    A bit of dislexia or an intoxication by the current events reporting in the MSM may be…

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