My (short) activity report for 2008

I heard on radio today that the Christmas break should be used to review the past year, and decide where you want to go. Good idea!

What did I do?

  • I published the Lemur Bitmap Index C++ Library.
  • I published lbimproved, a C++ library for Fast Nearest-Neighbor Retrieval under the Dynamic Time Warping.
  • Owen presented our paper Histogram-Aware Sorting for Enhanced Word-Aligned Compression in Bitmap Indexes at DOLAP 2008 (arXiv:0808.2083).
  • I presented our paper Tri de la table de faits et compression des index bitmaps avec alignement sur les mots (French for Fact Table Sorting and Word-Aligned Compression for Bitmap Indexes) at BDA’08 (arXiv:0805.3339). It was my first time in ten years publishing in French.
  • Hazel presetned Pruning Attributes From Data Cubes with Diamond Dicing at IDEAS’08 (arXiv:0805.0747).
  • Our paper Hierarchical Bin Buffering: Online Local Moments for Dynamic External Memory Arrays finally appeared in ACM Transactions on Algorithms. It is available from arxiv: cs.DS/0610128. I published some years ago the C++ source code.
  • Kamel presented our paper Collaborative OLAP with Tag Clouds: Web 2.0 OLAP Formalism and Experimental Evaluation at WEBIST 2008 (arXiv:0710.2156).
  • I published my first online graduate course online (INF 6104) on Information Retrieval.
  • I taught Data Management in XML (INF 6450) and an undergraduate course on Information Retrieval (INF 6460).
  • I published hundreds of blog posts, and some of my post have been relatively popular.

Naturally, there was more to 2008, but you get the idea.

What are my plans for 2009?

  • I will keep experimenting with different types of blogging. My goal is to get better at connecting my main research activities and my blogging.
  • I will continue to work on bitmap indexes. I will also branch out from bitmap indexes to columnar databases in general. Expect a few research papers.  Expect my Lemur Bitmap Index C++ Library, to grow beyond bitmap indexes.
  • I will pursue my interest in collaborative data analysis.
  • I will publish an online course on Data Warehousing.

Again, there are a few more projects, but these are important goals.

Daniel Lemire, "My (short) activity report for 2008," in Daniel Lemire's blog, December 25, 2008.

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