Blogging is part of my day job

I decided to copy Daniel Tunkelang’s idea and maintain a list of some people who read my blog. This is not meant to be an ego-boosting or name-dropping project. My goal is to prove that blogging is a serious business. Blogging is part of my day job! Indeed, this list proves that professional networking results from my blog.

Published by

Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

6 thoughts on “Blogging is part of my day job”

  1. Je considère aussi mon blogue et mon compte Twitter comme des outils de travail… Et je consulte régulièrement votre blogue et celui de quelques individus sur votre liste.

    PAtrick Giroux, professeur, Université du Québec à CHicoutimi

  2. Based on your FeedBurner count, the list could be very long 🙂

    Just wanted to say that your blog is one of my favorite research blogs.

    I especially like your advice about doing research and your views on the (academic) world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world 🙂

    Jo Vermeulen, PhD student, Expertise Centre for Digital Media — Hasselt University

  3. I agree, «blogging is a VERY serious business». It changed drasticly my life since I am full time consultant now after lots of work in school as principal.

    Thanks for your contribution to the edublogosphere…

  4. I too believe that blogging and taking part in the social web is an extremely important activity. Ideas are meant to be shared. Humans are meant to connect and communicate in order to grow, thrive and evolve. The web allows everyone with an internet connection to take part in the conversation which brings new and interesting angles or thoughts we may have overlooked. I think it is high time that Universities realize we have entered the information age. It’s time to break down the thought silos that skew our perspective of the world and delay progress. I applaud your effort in trying to change the paradigm Mr. Lemire. I’ll be following your blog with great interest from now on. Warm thanks. Yanik Falardeau Mother, Social Organizer, University of Montreal Alumna.

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