Write good papers: my slides

I agreed to give a talk to graduate students on how to write good research papers. I have posted the slides of my talk online. They are mostly taken out of my web page on this topic.

What annoys you about research papers? How do you recognize a good research paper? Do you have any advice to share?

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  1. @Neil If you need more than 10 pages to make your point correctly, why submit the paper to a conference or journal that limits you to 10 pages?

    Here is a rule I follow : submit your papers where they will be accepted. Of course, my work still gets rejected, but at least, I don’t go the extra mile to ensure I’ll get in trouble.

    Some people will tell you that you must absolutely publish at conference X or journal Y to exist. Yet, these rules are typically overstated.

  2. Say you have a formal paper, and the writeup depends on the proof or formalization. This is too long for the 10 pages, but still central to your argument. How can you include this without the reviewer saying “I can’t be bothered” and rejecting?

  3. Thanks, Daniel, that’s a great presentation! Well, it fits somehow in the “Write all the time. Daily.” statement, but what about emphasizing that one should start writing up a paper before getting the research done? I mean a real paper, not a write up…

  4. Hi,
    nice slides.

    Two comments though:
    Please number all equations even if you do not reference them, that makes other peoples’ life easier when discussing them (e.g. reviewers).

    (2) Please number all slides in your presentation, two avoid questions of the type “on the slide before you introduce X, there was …”

  5. Hello,
    Could you please get more detail on “Figures” part? What format should we use in place of bitmap?
    Thank you

  6. Thanks – some useful points that I’ll pass on to my students.
    (I’m assuming that the reference to 20008 on Slide 39 is a typo, rather than a confession to having a tardis!)

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