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Following my recent blogging problems, the majority advice I received was to move to a different host.

My blog is now hosted by SiteGround. Moving my content over was far easier than I anticipated, so far.

I am no longer using Cloudflare to cache everything so your queries should hit directly my blog engine. In particular, this means that comments should work properly (comment and then see your comment). I will still rely on Cloudflare for performance, but hopefully not to keep the blog alive.

You should also be able to comment on all posts, including older ones.

Please report any problems.Going straight to production without further testing would be insane if I were running a business, but this is a non-profit blog.

Several people offered to help out with the move. Given that it took me less than one hour, it made no sense to outsource that task. I spent the bulk of the time reverse engineering tiny settings. I also have several minor domains that I needed to move, and finding the content was the hard part.

However, if I have further performance problems, I will seek help (either paid or unpaid). Thanks everyone!

Daniel Lemire, "New Web host," in Daniel Lemire's blog, February 1, 2019.

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Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

9 thoughts on “New Web host”

  1. I’ve poked around a bit, and it seems to be working for me! I had one oddity clicking on the link “My Papers” in the side-column, where it took me to seemingly random old blog post, but then it has worked correctly all times after that.

    1. OK, I had the bug happen a few more times. I think the order was that I went to, clicked on the top link to “New Web host”, and then clicked on “My Papers” in the left sidebar. It took me to I tried this pattern again, and I got to the same place. Then the next few attempts took me to as designed. Then the next few went back to the same blog entry. So I’m not sure what’s actually happening, but it does seem to be a real bug.

  2. I forgot to post to your first post, but the best shared hosting there is (a combination between vps/shared in 1 account) is (i did extensive research many years ago).

  3. Good. $50 per month is far too expensive for hosting a WP blog. As you likely discovered, the $10 tiers do not imply unmanaged hosting where you have to do all the work yourself. They manage it for you.

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