The price of a MacBook Air worldwide

Apple sells identical laptops worldwide. There might be small differences with respect to power adaptors and so forth, but the laptops are the same internally. Of course, there are differences in taxes but Apple quote prices with taxes included. So I went shopping for a basic MacBook Air, in different countries, using Apple’s web site.

USA US$1099 US$1099
Canada CA$1449 US$1089
Japan ¥119,800 US$1120
Australia A$1,699 US$1146
France 1 249,00 € US$1374

According to these numbers, the cheapest MacBooks are in Canada and the most expensive ones are in France.

In countries where taxes vary by province or state, the Apple tax estimate might be wrong for some locations.

Published by

Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

20 thoughts on “The price of a MacBook Air worldwide”

  1. Wanna hear something crazy? It costs USD 2300 in Brazil, a country where minimum wage is less than USD250 per month. You could literally buy a ticket to Canada, buy the Air, and enjoy a nice weekend for the same price.

  2. Yes and apple in USA they give free headphones whereas in Aus they said it just on Feb . I tried to order from USA custom duty charge was more than 500 dollars .

  3. Unfortunately I guess that the most expensive MacBook Air is sold in Brazil. Here it costs R$9699.00 converted to dollar it is roughly $2500.

    That’s incredibly abusive, Apple has no respect for Brazil. If we apply the max tax rate Brazil charges imported products which is 60% it would cost around $1600, which is already a lot, but Apple manages to charge even more. Total disrespect.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  4. Was hoping to see some “third world” countries in here. In Brazil, the amount of taxes that we have to deal with goes beyond the acceptable. For most, an Apple computer is impossible.

  5. It’s because you didn’t see in Brazil. It’s ridiculous
    R$ 9699 which is about US$ 2365 for the cheapest MacBook Air

  6. Don’t countries in the EU require a 2 year warranty on most electronics? People applaud this “protection from big corporations”, yet in reality you just eliminate the option of buying products with 1 year warranty. My guess is that most of the price difference is due to the inclusion of a second year of applecare, on top of VAT, etc.

    1. I’m not entirely certain about required warranty, but even if there isn’t warranty, there’s rather strong general consumer protection, for instance, in Finland. Consumer warranty is pretty much irrelevant for higher end products as long as problems can be considered originating from the manufacturer or design. Also, I haven’t heard of “second year of Applecare” – as far as I remember, one year variant has been the default. It’s just that whole Applecare is mostly unnecessary with consumer protection.

      I had 2012 15″ MacBook Pro for which the display panel was replaced half a dozen times(!) on consumer protection, and for which the circuit board got replaced free of charge over three years after purchase just because there was no misuse involved, and it can be expected to last longer. In the case of 2016 model with keyboard getting funny after a year or so I have the assembly replaced already four times, getting a new battery along the way every time.

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