Science and Technology links (July 11th 2020)

  1. Some upcoming Mercedes cars will have augmented reality head-up displays.
  2. Intel’s new standard for high-speed cables (thunderbolt) supports 3 GB/s bandwidth. (This is very fast: internal disks usually cannot sustain such speeds.)
  3. Enrichment activities have no cognitive benefits in kids.
  4. Aspirin may help prevent cancer metastasis. It also seems to help prevent cancer reoccurence.
  5. Exercise is beneficial. It helps keep the brain young. Could you benefit from exercise without exercising at all? Plasma transfer might help:

    Exercise has a broad range of beneficial healthful effects. Horowitz et al. tested whether the beneficial effects of exercise on neurogenesis in the brain and improved cognition in aged mice could be transferred in plasma (blood without its cellular components) from one mouse to another (see the Perspective by Ansere and Freeman). Indeed, aged mice that received plasma from young or old mice that had exercised showed beneficial effects in their brains without hitting the treadmill. The authors identified glycosylphosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase D1 as a factor in plasma that might, in part, mediate this favorable effect.

Daniel Lemire, "Science and Technology links (July 11th 2020)," in Daniel Lemire's blog, July 11, 2020.

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