In 2011, I predicted that the iPhone would have 1TB of storage in 2020

Someone reminded me of a prediction I made in 2011:

At the time, an iPhone could hold at most 32 GB of data, so 1 TB sounded insane.

Unfortunately, Google Plus is no more so you cannot see the plot showing my projection and I lost it as well. Yet we can build a table:

2010 iPhone 4 32 GB
2012 iPhone 5 64 GB
2014 iPhone 6 128 GB
2016 iPhone 7 256 GB
2018 iPhone XS 512 GB
2019 iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB
2020 iPhone 12 Pro 512 GB

How did my prediction fare ? I got it wrong, of course, but I think it was remarkably prescient. It seems obvious that Apple could have gone with 1 TB but chose not to. The Samsun Galaxy S10+ comes with 1 TB of storage.

Some analysts predict that the iPhone 13 might have 1 TB of storage.

Published by

Daniel Lemire

A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

2 thoughts on “In 2011, I predicted that the iPhone would have 1TB of storage in 2020”

  1. Talk about low-risk, low-reward predictions.

    “Hey! See this trend in storage? I predict it will continue!”

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