Science and Technology links (February 13th 2021)

  1. Researchers make inexpensive transparent wood.
  2. Our cells produce energy using their mitochondria. Researchers show that you can efficiently isolate mitochondria from mammalian cells.
  3. Vitamin D supplementation could save tens of thousands of lives annually in Germany alone by preventing cancer.
  4. It appears that Alpha Centauri may have inhabitable planets. Last week I reported that that we might be getting an artificial signal from Alpha Centauri.
  5. Researchers report that supplementing middle-aged mice with nicotinamide riboside made them stronger. You can purchase such a supplement for yourself.  (I do not make medical recommendations.)
  6. Age discrimination when hiring costs the US economy hundreds of billions of dollars. Age discrimination is reportedly widespread in the technology industry.

Daniel Lemire, "Science and Technology links (February 13th 2021)," in Daniel Lemire's blog, February 13, 2021.

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A computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ).

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  1. Researchers show that you can efficiently enrich cells with mitochondria

    This is not to increase the number of mitochondria in cells, this is only to purify them. Really interesting blog though, fun to read

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