Science and Technology links (October 3rd 2021)

  1. Most people were able to cure their diabetes by losing weight in a clinical trial.
  2. Video games improve intelligence over many years, while socializing has no effect.
  3. To go to Mars safely, time is of the essence because astronauts would be exposed to radiations and particles from outside of solar system.
  4. It is unlikely that there is an upper bound to human longevity under 130 years. Though men have a drastically reduced longevity compared to women, it appears that once you reach 108 years, there may not be any gender difference.
  5. Recent progress having to do with protein folding can be largely attributed to better hardware and more data, and not really to a better understanding of protein folding. The same could be said for natural language processing. (Speculative)
  6. The children of the survivors of Chernobyl do not have excess mutations. It is consistent with a worldview that radiations are less harmful to our biology than commonly assumed.
  7. Researchers have built flexible glass that is much stronger and flexible. It does not shatter easily.

Daniel Lemire, "Science and Technology links (October 3rd 2021)," in Daniel Lemire's blog, October 3, 2021.

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