Science and Technology links (June 11 2023)

  1. Similar species can have vastly different lifespan. Researchers have been looking for the limiting factors that explain these differences. As we age, our genes are expressed differently through methylation. Different species vary their methylation at different speeds. There is some evidence that it could be that the methylation rate that determines the lifespan. If that is true, then it suggests that any process that could reset or slow methylation could improve lifespan.
  2. Employers regard female applicants as more suitable for jobs in female-dominated occupations, while they do not regard male applicants as more suitable anywhere.
  3. Supplementing older people with Glycine and N-Acetylcysteine improves and reverses multiple age-associated abnormalities.
  4. According to Audretsch et al., academic freedom has recently been declining. It seems that it is having a measurable effect on innovation.
  5. Fynn-Paul (2023) questions the idea that Europeans committed genocide when they arrived in America:

    In the United States, where the native population might have approached 2,000,000 individuals prior to Christopher Columbus’ arrival, widely-accepted tallies show that the total number of natives massacred by whites prior to 1848 amounted to less than 8,000 individuals

  6. The Lincoln Sea borders northern Greenland and Canada, and it is covered by ice all year long. According to climate models, it could transition to seasonal sea-ice, as it were 10,000 years in the early Holocene. For reference, we believe that human beings were present in American 30,000 years ago.
  7. We do not appear to be running out of exhaustible resources, like minerals.
  8. Consuming more magnesium might preserve your brain as you age. Chocolate is rich in magnesium.
  9. According to Krispenz and Bertrams (2023), strong ideological view, according to which a violent revolution against existing societal structures is legitimate (i.e., anti-hierarchical aggression), was associated with antagonistic narcissism and psychopathy. They conclude: some leftist political activists do not actually strive for social justice and equality but rather use political activism to endorse or exercise violence against others to satisfy their own ego-focused needs.
  10. DiMarco and Savitz (2023) estimate that 17% of all heterosexual women have coerced a man into having sex.

Daniel Lemire, "Science and Technology links (June 11 2023)," in Daniel Lemire's blog, June 11, 2023.

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