Terms of use


  1. I copied and paste code form your blog post and it does not compile, it gave the wrong answer, it contained a massive security hole, it contained a terrible bug or it crashed my computer. Can I blame you? No. Lemire’s rule:

    Blogging is literature, not engineering. Code taken from a blog post should not be expected to work, it is meant to illustrate an idea. Don’t build production systems by copying and pasting random code from the Internet. It will not end well.

  2. Can I translate one of your blog post? Yes. You can translate any blog post and publish it elsewhere, under a Creative Commons license. It implies that you must credit me, but it is ok if you make money. However, please do not ask me to link back to your translation.
  3. Can I write a blog post for you? No. This is a personal blog.
  4. We have this great new product or book, would you write about it on your blog… Maybe. If I find the book or product interesting. Please note that I only read books on paper, so do not send me a PDF hoping for me to read it.
  5. I have this great page that relates to a blog post you have written, can I share the link with you?… Yes. However, do not expect me to add a link to it.

General Policies

  1. All of the content except for the comments is made available under a Creative Commons license to facilitate free reuse: you can share and adapt this content, even for commercial use, as long as you credit the blog posts to me. It is ok if you make money from my blog posts.
  2. This blog is a non-commercial site. I do not charge anyone to access any part of the blog. There is no profit motive whatsoever.
  3. I do not accept sponsored posts.
  4. You follow the advice given on this blog at your own risks. In particular, I am not a medical professional nor a certified engineer.
  5. If you run a business that relies on getting bloggers to repost infographics or videos, please do not bother me, I will not publish your content.
  6. This blog is under my sole responsibility and it is not affiliated in any way with my employer or one of my clients. Do not sue my employer or my clients. Since I am quite poor, do not even bother suing anyone, just stop reading me.
  7. If you spot a grammatical or spelling error, please report it. I will never be insulted if you correct my English. I’m likely to be grateful.
  8. It is acceptable to translate a post from this blog in another language as long as you attribute the content to me. It is a good practice to link back to my blog from a translation so that people can get to the original text. However, I will not link back to the translated version.
  9. Please do not ask me to add a link to your content.

The following rules apply when you post a comment on my blog…

  1. In the comment form, the URL field is for personal URLs only (blogs and home pages). You can leave the field blank.
  2. Your message may include a link to a commercial URL, but only if it is relevant to your comment and my post. For example, if you want to point me to a product that may solve a given problem, you may include a link to the product page. However, answering a post on database theory by a comment containing a URL to a pregnancy pill Web site is spamming.
  3. Your name and the content of the comment should not contain keywords. Your name should be either your real name or a sensible nickname, and your comment should be in proper French or English.
  4. If you get paid to post comments, then your comments are spam, go away.
  5. If I feel your comment is spam, I will delete it.
  6. You can criticize me or the other people who post on this blog, but being rude is likely to get your comment deleted. Go start your own blog if you want to be insulting.
  7. I usually delete comments containing obscenities, racial slurs or sexist remarks even if they are otherwise reasonable.
  8. I reserve the right to edit your comments. I can shorten them, reformat them or even delete them at any time.
  9. I can choose to delete all comments on my blog, forever, even if you said nice things about me.

Daniel Lemire, "Terms of use," in Daniel Lemire's blog, August 15, 2007.