Fourier analysis of 2-point Hermite interpolatory subdivision schemes


Two subdivision schemes with Hermite data on ℤ are studied. These schemes use 2 or 7 parameters respectively depending on whether Hermite data involve only first derivatives or include second derivatives. For a large region in the parameter space, the schemes are convergent in the space of Schwartz distributions. The Fourier transform of any interpolating function can be computed through products of matrices of order 2 or 3. The Fourier transform is related to a specific system of functional equations whose analytic solution is unique except for a multiplicative constant. The main arguments for these results come from Paley-Wiener-Schwartz theorem on the characterization of the Fourier transforms of distributions with compact support and a theorem of Artzrouni about convergent products of matrices.

Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 7 (5), 2001